Happy Independence Day Jamaica!

jamaica proud and free

Image courtesy of instituteofjamaica.org.jm

The island of Jamaica celebrates 53 years of independence today, August 6, 2015. As Jamaicans celebrate this historic Day there are many who ask, why do Jamaicans celebrate?

The country has been through many political and social changes which have benefitted some but have not adequately aided the prosperity of others. Like other Caribbean islands and countries in the world, economic and social ills prevail — Jamaica is not unique in its circumstances.

Jamaicans have contributed greatly to the world at large in all aspects of life. The country has produced citizens at home and nationals living abroad who have continuously demonstrated that the size of the country cannot be equated to the achievements  Jamaicans have attained; a popular Jamaican term —wi lickle but wi tallawah— bears truth to this.

Jamaicans have proven time and time again that they are as good as anyone from any part of the word.  As we move forward questions abound about Jamaica’s future economically, socially, and morally.

How can you contribute to Jamaica’s advancement?

Can you list two things that you would do to fix any situation existing in Jamaica?

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