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Welcome to America: A Caribbean Musical

Welcome To America tells the story of Sabrina Barnes, a talented, unsophisticated, and ambitious young woman from the Caribbean, who leaves her home behind and arrives in America with big dreams and her determination to become a star.  She soon learns, however, that her island naiveté and the harsh realities of her newly adopted country may put both her goals and her future in great jeopardy.

“Welcome to America: A Caribbean Musical is a refreshing take on an old narrative. The story of the immigrant in modern day USA is belly-laugh-funny, deeply sad, and incredibly inspiring. The dialogue is quick witted and spot on for New Yorkers. The songs are both new and familiar and they break open the hard edge reputation of New York City residents to reveal the collage of small towns we all come from: Jamaican, Puerto Rican, Trinidadian, etc. In the end, we are neighbors, trying to make a living, make sense of family, find love and seek joy while we muddle stylishly along,” Staceyann Chin – Tony Award winning poet, activist, and author of The Other Side of Paradise.


Callaloo Chanel




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