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“Makini Smith bares her soul. Her honesty about her life will truly impress you. This is not just another self- help book, the author is a real person. She is very much like people you know in your own family and circle of friends. Right from the opening chapter you will relate to her and the challenges she faced. Makini’s life has not been easy, but with her deep faith, her courage and her belief that there is good in every situation, she has turned every obstacle into a triumph.

Oh I know, we all have obstacles and hardships…but Makini, in her young life, has had more than her share. Makini is never a victim. You never feel sorry for her. This is a story of a winner and the path she has blazed.” —– Linda Proctor (Author of Earn it & Enjoy it, Entrepreneur, Wife of Bob Proctor)
Makini Smith A walk in my Stiletos


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