Top Medical Schools in the Caribbean

Top Caribbean Medical Schools – Ranking by Best Choice

Are you a pre-university student seeking a quality medical school? If so, get comfy as we explore the top medical schools in the Caribbean. We all know that the region is one of the most popular holiday destinations; white sand beaches, blue oceans, it is like a piece of paradise on earth.

However,Caribbean countries also offer high quality education, especially for those interested in studying medicine. Medical schools in Caribbean still allow every graduate to operate as a doctor in 50 states in the US and in Canada. Lower costs of studying, a smaller level of competition and lots of recreation opportunities in free time are some advantages to consider while picking a university in the Caribbean.

St. George's University (SGU), American University of the Caribbean (AUC), Ross University (Ross), and Saba University are four of the largest medical schools with the highest rankings among a total of about 60 medical schools in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti and other countries from the region.

Saint George’s University (SGU)

SGU is located in Grenada. Despite all the media reports about danger that comes together with living in this country it is quite safe (media just like reporting bad information because it makes good news). SGU is one of the top medical schools in the region, collaborating with the United States and Great Britain in order to ensure a high quality education for future doctors. Studying there for sure is a great experience, and one of the most important things is that the last two years of studying consist of an internship at medical facilities in the US or the UK.

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American University of the Caribbean (AUC)

AUC is another great choice for a future MD. Located in Saint Maarten (a constituent country of the Kingdom of Netherlands), it is accredited by the Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine and meets the requirements of the federally guaranteed student loan program. It accepts only students with high qualifications and it is modeled after medical schools based in the US.

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Saba University (SU)

Another medical school located on the territory of Netherlands in the Caribbean is Saba University, based in the municipality with the same name. The university has over 1,300 graduates who have made successful careers in medicine in the US and Canada. The teaching is based on the American model. Located on a small island, it does not offer many activities for free time, but it is also an advantage, because it gives its students more time to study. However, the diversity of students from different cultures and several student organizations will transform studying at Saba into a highly interesting experience.

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Ross University (RU)

Many MD graduates with successful careers in the US and Canada came from the Ross University. Ross has several clinical educational centers in continental US (Miami, Florida) and it recruits only the best professionals for instruction and research, which makes it one of the top medical schools from the region. It is a private university based in Dominica, and the tuition fees are a bit higher than in public medical schools in the US, but they are still less than the average fees in US private universities. However, a high percentage of graduates who pass the licensing in the US (more than 90%) prove the high quality of education at this facility.

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University of the West Indies, Mona (UWI)

The UWI, Mona (Jamaica) has had a long streak of success in medicine. The medical school at the UWI is however small and therefore only accepts 15% of applicants. Recently, however, the UWI expanded its infrastructure, dedicating a completely new faculty to the medical sciences. With its ultra-modern fixtures and amenities, the new Faculty of Medical Sciences Teaching and Research Complex is a vast improvement over the old medical faculty. Located in the beautiful country of Jamaica, the UWI offers the rich diversity of student interaction as well as an affordable medical school of high standards.

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The Caribbean – home to great medical schools

In conclusion, the Caribbean region offers not only high quality recreation and entertainment, but also excellent medical education. Lower costs of living and lower fees combined with experienced and qualified teachers make universities based in the region very attractive for students who want to pursue a career in medicine.

By Norvan Martin



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